I provide the following services.



Individual Counseling

I work with Individuals of all ages using a strength based and mindfulness approach. Strength based meaning together we identify your strengths and core values and use those as a lens to guide our work.  Mindfulness approach to me means that I help you to identify your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors from a place of non-judgment. It is with this non-critical and kind approach that I believe you can work to accept your situation from a place of calm attention.  With this awareness we can then challenge unhelpful thoughts, understand and regulate emotions and make behavior changes.

Furthermore, I like to provide my clients with practical and realistic tools to practice outside of counseling to support them in reaching their goals.  My clients and I are often reading articles or books together to help cultivate understanding, self-compassion, and empathy. We may also practice yoga and mindfulness meditation to calm the body and mind to feel safe, steady, and at ease to do the work of counseling. Overall, I work to empower my clients to safely and skillfully dig deeper to understand their story, make changes in the present, and feel like they have influence over their future.   We work together to confront and overcome many challenges such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and grief and loss.



Couples Counseling

I work with couples at various stages in their relationship. Some couples come to me for support with understanding the barriers to making a true commitment to each other and what does that mean to be in a committed relationship. Others come to me to take their relationship to the next level in terms of growth and togetherness. Some come to me during or after a crisis seeking help in renewing trust and finding forgiveness. And some come to me during the very difficult ending stage of a relationship. Whatever stage or place you are in, I commend you for the courageous step to seeking support. Couples counseling is hard work and I am honored to join forces with couples to help them heal, find strength and calm, and move forward in the best way for them. I like to pull from John Gottman and Sue Johnson’s work with couples. Two of my favorite resources are their books The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work and Hold Me Tight, Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love..



Family Counseling

Whenever I work with a child or an adolescent I involve the whole family system and this looks different for every family. Sometimes we meet together as a whole family, sometimes with individual family members, and often a combination of both.  I think it is so important to create a safe, confidential counseling environment with a young person, but also to know that they need the support of their family as they are working through the current challenge or the natural challenge of growing up.  I often take a creative approach with families using games or art projects or yoga and movement to engage all family members, I find this especially effective with the children and teens.  I want families to enjoy coming to counseling, to build new skills, and to create a safe, supportive, and trusting space that can translate into the home environment.



Mindful Movement Counseling

Mindful movement is a mixture of yoga, mindfulness meditation, breathing, and relaxation exercises. I work with my clients to calm their mind by first calming their body. I believe that when we feel confident, strong, and steady in our body our emotional well-being follows suit. For more information click here.